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Making Sustainability and Ecosystem Services Work for Farms

Practical Assistance for Sustainable Agriculture

Our advice is science-based, and goes beyond methods that are simply popular but unlikely to improve things.  We tailor our advice so that you can progressively adopt methods, and measure the changes.

Meet The Team

David Hine

David is a sustainable agriculture professional with twenty years experience. Soil health is his specialisation because soil is a key asset of the farming enterprise, and the engine of farm productivity. Approved Advisor for the Carbon Farming Advice Rebate Program. He also likes boats: sail boats, small boats, canoes...

Heather Hine
International Agricultural Training Manager

Raised on a wheat/sheep property, Heather brings not only experience but insight to her groups. She focuses on teaching the fundamentals of good agricultural production methods. She founded a successful culinary herb farm specialising in rosemary.